Hiatus Stasis Ends Now

What a naughty blogger; I've let my writing endeavor fall by the wayside since July. My new goal is to spend at least an hour writing every day: either blogging or poetry. I realize it may simply be time to admit defeat on fiction writing, at least for the time being. Currently I am missing the warm weather of the south to spend four days in Philadelphia for M's grandmother's funeral. As you can see by the above photograph, there is still snow on the ground. There are certainly trade offs for living in awesome cities. But if I recall correctly from my Chicago days, it becomes bearable.

I'm trying to decide what focus I want to give my posts, if any, as this is 99% for my sole entertainment. I've recently become involved with a non-profit poetry education organization, so I intend to chronicle that and all things poetry in Central Arkansas, as well as my own poetic endeavors that have been re-awakened through my enthusiasm for poetry in education. Speaking of, I have some editing to do. (And to any nay-sayers concerning Arkansas poets: the Hendrix slam team just took first place at regional competition in Corpus Christi, TX, and the University of Arkansas team has a history of kicking everyone's ass at nationals - so I am convinced that Arkansas is a veritable breeding ground for stellar poets - Miller Williams, anyone?).

I competed in my first slam at Community Bakery last month, won second place, and now need to work double hard to keep that sort of standing in the future. Especially since it means beating Lennon again :)