Another First Day

Part of the pieces are starting to find their way together - I am very lucky and have been offered a job with the Boys and Girls Club in Austin, which I start tomorrow. I'd like to say that in my time off I have been productive with projects and reading - but I haven't. And the triumph here is that I'm actually ok with that. Going to bed and feeling unaccomplished is an anxiety producing, albeit unnecessary, sensation I often experience after a day spent "squandered" with naps or channel surfing or drinking tea or pints in public places, (well the naps are done at home, typically). Somehow, I haven't done many of the "productive" projects I wanted to complete, but I have learned to go to sleep and just be alright with having gotten through the day contentedly.

Someone I love very much once sent me a link to this video. I'm still appreciative.

Now that I have a job, I need to find a place to live. I've gotten to explore Austin a bit with the help of some very gracious hosts - so far I've gotten to see poetry slams at the Scoot Inn, drinking on 6th Street, music at Mohawk, Red Eyed Fly, Beerland, Emos, vegetarian food at Mother's... I can't wait to be a full time resident.