First Thursday & South Congress

I'm going to start compiling a list of things I've seen in Austin that make me fall deeper and deeper into love with the city:

1) A white, bicycling dragon.
Capoeira demonstration complete with drums and singing on the street
3) Mobile drum circle (mini-parade?)
4) Dia De Los Muertos tattoos
5) skull party lights at
Toy Joy
6) lots and lots of puppies
7) even more "free hug" signs. While I don't partake in such things, the gesture makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

8) I Love Video. I love this store. Free beer Tuesday? Um, yes please.

Really that list just encompasses today. I got to go to First Thursday on South Congress, and while work in the AM tomorrow prevented getting to sit down for a drink, it really didn't matter because there was enough visual stimulation to last me through to September. Now if I can survive commuting for another week I'll officially be an Austinite, if swimming in freezing cold Barton Springs didn't already solidify my status.