Focusing on the Positives

Things I'm trying to change and implement since moving to Austin:

1) Cook myself dinner, regularly, and with vegetables. Baking my own bread is also categorizable here.

2) Stop buying things. Aside from not having any room for new things, it's a compulsive habit that is best broken.

3) Stay at home more. Not only is going out to eat or to drink every night or close to it a money drain, it also eliminates any available time that could have been spent reading, writing, cooking, sitting still, etc.

4) Read everyday, and not just in marathon bursts every two months. And try throwing the Bible in occasionally, it's been a while since I cracked it.

5) Pay off all car debt, etc, within three years. I would like my future children to have college funds.

6) Write. Regularly. Religiously. Fervently. Whether it's journaling, blogging, poems, or the novel I've had circulating in my head since I was five. Get it out.

7) Don't listen to all the reasons why I can't do something. And on that note, realize embarrassment has no relation to the outside world, so just get over the fear of it.

8) See a therapist. Finally. It's been five years and I think maybe it's time.

9) Yoga. Running. Pole dancing. "I was the only one not there for professional development, but I loved it" -- my favorite administrator EVER, on her aerobic pole dancing classes.

10) My acrylic paints have probably started to dry up from lack of use. Why? What's kept me so busy for so long? It's time to fix this.

I'll have to refer to this list when I start to slip up through means of over-sleeping and stalling. Perhaps that meditation practice I keep thinking of doing if I could only find the right time (ha) would help jump start my motivation to do things I actually enjoy.