Not-So-Sloppy Joe + Townes Van Zandt

I have this bad habit of waiting to cook dinner until 10:30 at night, and then I don't want to do anything that won't satiate my hunger a millisecond longer than instantaneously. I'm also really bad about stock-piling "back-up" food that typically never gets used since I don't want to deplete my supply, (it makes no sense, I know). Tonight, after a long (and wonderful) day spent at Central United Presbyterian Church, eating free sandwiches at Subway (yay coupons!), watching an Austin Rugby bout and learning all about scrum helmets and their appearance in the movie Garden State, reading on the couch, and then reading Bitch in the Book People cafe, it is needless to say that I did not feel like chopping up vegetables for the recipe originally on the evening's agenda.

Normally, when I make sloppy joes I use a can of Manwich and a bag of frozen faux "hamburger" meat, which can get pricey. Tonight I dipped into my "back-up" supply of boxed foods and tried a sloppy-joe-in-a-box-concoction that couldn't have cost more than $4 when I bought it a year ago. All of the protein comes in the mix, and the only real extra ingredient needed was a 25 cent can of tomato paste. Mixing + microwaving took all of 10 minutes. And being the avocado affectionado that I am, no sloppy joe is complete without a few slices on top, with some cantaloupe (musk melon?) on the side. Dear Fantastic World Foods, I will no longer disregard your presence on my shelf of non-perishable items, and it is regretable that I did so for an entire year. Even the meat lovers in the apartment were happy and full.


Dessert for me is an iron supplement. Capping off my round of antibiotics-on-steroids, (if Anthrax had been a threat before it wouldn't be now), I've developed itchy hands and feet, with no visible marks or rash. Several web sites... (yes, I know, internet diagnoses are bad news), said this could be attributable to a weakened immune system, which could also be connected to anemia, a condition I've been advised to prevent before it becomes a problem. (I'll still take anemia over animal fats saturating my bones and muscles. Gross). I'm hoping the extra iron will give me the energy boost I need to get up early and run, eat breakfast, and not sleep till noon in general. Perhaps not blogging at midnight would be helpful with that, too. But that's not something I'm willing to compromise.

And just in case the lonely internet explorer browser was curious as to what I'm hearing in the background, wonder no further, (It's my favorite of the Townes songs that have been on repeat in my apartment the past week):