Officially a Resident

The past month has been spent moving into my new apartment, unpacking, getting used to a room mate's cats, and figuring how to actually do my new job - which entails co-building and running an after school program funded by very picky grant money. I've also been tied up in attending weddings in Houston, getting outrageous parking tickets in Houston (is there anything GOOD about that city...? I've turned quite cynical), eating avocados fried in cornflakes and stuffed into a cone, learning to play chess on the patio, and dealing with the same kitties thinking that my bed is their bed, (I've actually started to like them... ).

As proof of my efforts, I offer photographic evidence:

The living room from the doorway. Still more books than I know what to do with.

The only desk space I get now is the kitchen table... so any body leaving plates or food in my work space will get a stern talking to.

Itty-bitty galley kitchen, with Turkish clock and Panamanian tray - a few of the findings common to an army brat upbringing. Plus a stool for short people to reach dishes in/on the pressed-for-space cabinets.

Thelonious drinking from Bella's water bowl. He's get her in check. His sister Aretha was probably lounging on my bed at this moment. I haven't seen her leave it in days.