Self-Service Dog Wash and Other Austin Discoveries

This is my dog, Bella. And despite being pitch black, Bella could never hide, even if she was in a room with no windows and no electricity. Because everywhere that Bella goes, pounds of dog hair follow. How does she have so much hair? I have no idea. Even furminating her once a week and vacuuming every four days does nothing to eliminate the fistfuls of fur that accumulate around the apartment. Today it had come to a point that even petting Bella merited a hand washing immediatley after because she was so sheddy, dandruffy, and greasy. (I've been wiping her down with doggie wet-wipes, but those do little more than dampen and febreeze her temporarily). So today, I put her in the car and went down Guadalupe to try out a self-service dog wash. I used to take her to Pets-Mart, because my last boyfriend, and still very much adored friend, worked there and could get me discounts on her grooming.

The closest dog wash place was Dirty Dog, and I really liked it. For $15 they had a big tub, all the soaps, including ear wash, brushes, blow dryers, aprons, and towels. Bella hated it, but she did enjoy the treat at the end.

I need to come up with some sort of business model like that - make a place where people pay to come and do their own work. Brilliant.

Eirik got home from Alaska today, so he's been sleeping off the long flight all day. I went with Lennon down to the part of Guadalupe near UT known as "the drag" to explore it on foot, since trying to drive down it requires all of one's attention not to be hit by a car or take down a sophomore on their cell phone. I tried to take a picture of the Daniel Johnston graffiti, but my point and shoot camera was a "bucket of fail" in the absence of natural light.

Now it's beer on the patio, chess, and maybe some House dvds. I can't wait till I have the expendable income to explore every inch and crevice of Austin.