Austin Poetry Slam

Wednesday is always the night of the Austin Poetry Slam, so it's automatically annual poetry night in an apartment full of poets. Lennon and I keep arriving too late to actually sign up to slam (not that I'd have the guts to), but Eirik is always punctual, and usually places top three, which is good because it means he can buy milk for the house. He's currently in an on-going competition with Danny Strack, racing to 100 poems without repeating a single piece. After the slam we celebrated today being pay day by eating at Magnolias Cafe. I'm still so full that the thought of food might make me sick. But in a good way.

Since there were a bunch of Canadians present at the slam this evening, Eirik did his "front page you tube" poem, "Why I Got Fired From Apple Computer." But he'd had a whisky and coke and transposed things done on a TV versus a playstation. I laughed.

Danny did "Koala Gnomes" and I always like his pieces because he's a "wait for it, wait for it..." poet. If you see him perform or watch his videos, the meaning becomes very clear.

On October 30th a handful of AMAZING poets are coming to the Austin Slam, and anyone with their wits about them should be at this show. I have to host a tailgate party with my after school program before a football game, but you'd better believe that my tail will be out of there and at the Independent by 8:30, (because I operate on poet central mountain time).

Driving home down South Congress - I can't WAIT to get a camera that can take pictures at night so I can snap a shot of the capital standing outside of Guero's with the fairy lights tree in the frame. For now, an iphone through the front windshield at a red light will have to suffice as a vantage point for shooting the Austin capital building. I love living here.