Austin Vet Care & The Cone of Shame

Today was supposed to be Bella-bath day at Dirty Dog Dogwash, but when I tried furmanating her before our trip to the tub, it became evident that her little dandruff issue had become a much bigger problem - because spots on her back started bleeding - oh no!

So the dogwash was quickly replaced with a trip to the vet.  I took her to Austin Vet Care, which has 24 hour emergency care service, and the vet techs took her back to examine her the moment I walked in.  It turns out, that under neath her masses of fur, she'd developed a skin infection (yes, gross), that was related to her being allergic to Texas, (just like her momma - I take zyrtec every couple of days to stave off the Austin itchies), and probably scratching herself to infection.  I feel like the worst pet owner ever for not seeing it, but with as much hair as that dog has, it's really not surprising that it went unnoticed by all members of the household.

Now, poor Bella must wear... the cone of shame!  (but $500 later, she feels a whole lot better, and no more itching allowed).