Dropouts More Likely To Become Incarcerated... WHO KNEW!?

Oh New York Times, I love you, so very very much. But really? You have to support people who get paid to conduct common sense studies? Or maybe this comes as a shock to people outside of the education sphere... if this is true then please correct me. Otherwise, please tell me why university researchers are spending their time proving that high school drop-outs are more likely to end up in the slammer.

I'm very frustrated at work right now, because I have a young man who has been bounced around schools, and for whatever reason, has to do twenty hours of community service by October 14th (less than a week away) or he goes to juvenile hall. He came to me begging for opportunities to complete these hours.... yesterday. So I wrote up a schedule of ways he could get twenty hours from the club between now and then. Right away I set him up serving the free dinner we offer to the kids. Ten minutes later I turn around, turn back, and he's playing ping-pong, and has decided he doesn't care and will just go to juvenile hall. And in my position, the most threatening thing I can say to him is that I'm going to call his mom and discuss his decision with her, although I'm sure she's aware of his attitude by this point, considering that juvenile hall is the next step in his city mandated disciplinary proceedings. I smack my forehead. A lot.

Dear Northeastern U., please hire me and give me grants. I will give you first hand insight into high school strugglers and drop-outs, no survey needed. K,thanks.