Favorite Finds + Day of the Dead Excitement

This Saturday will mark my first chance to participate in a Dia De Los Muertos celebration, and I couldn't be more excited!  Austin has a parade, there are Day of the Dead exhibits at the Mexic-Arte Museum, and after helping my kids make sugar skulls on Thursday, I'll get to try my own hand at it this weekend - assuming there's any meringue powder left over.

It's also this time of year that my family and I start compiling our Kaboodle lists for Christmas.  I have a difficult time choosing things I'd like to get, but I have no issue finding things that I like!  Here are a few of my favorites after browsing through Etsy:

Top left: goldfish ring by dillondesigns.  Choosing a favorite design was near impossible - I liked them all.
Top right: starry night lamp by glyntpottery.  I used to spend hours sticking glow stars to my ceiling in the patterns of constellations.  This looks much easier... and much prettier.   
Bottom left: Lucy peacock feather headband by Lovmely Accessories. This makes me think of a vintage ladies cap to be worn to a movie theatre with red velvet seats and chandeliers. 
Bottom right: Frida and Diego organic t-shirt by Mis Nopales Art.  Frida + Dia De Los Muertos + red + wearable art = perfect.

Top left: Upcycled orange vintage messenger bag by Get ready, set, go!!! This seller has all kinds of vintage luggage - including the baby blue cosmetics case my grandmother has (probably) had since the 60's - all with hand painted designs to guide the pieces into modernity. 
Top right: Typewriter key bracelet by Keys and Memories.  I've posted something like this before, last spring, so maybe the fact that I'm still attracted to it merits a purchase. 
Bottom left: Butterfly wing necklace by Butterfly Senses.  I actually did purchase this - two of them - just in different colors.  Hopefully it's as beautiful in hand as it is on monitor. 
Bottom right: Deep purple satin skirt by larimeloom.  It's true, I'm a skirt chaser, and I'm in fabric love.

Now the difficult part will be to remember that the money in my account is for spending on other people's Kaboodle lists, not my own!  Lucky for me, though, if I need an insta-fix of handmade items, I can go down to Parts and Labour on South Congress and spend the afternoon admiring hand sewn, hand screened, hand-me-down worthy pieces.  It almost makes me want to break out my hot glue gun.  Almost.