Favorite Finds: Glam Rock Princess

Sunday night was the Ladies Rock Camp showcase, where the three bands got to perform their songs on stage in front of friends, family, and bar patrons.  My band went with a black and pink theme, (although one of our girls - a former Hell Mary roller derby girl, had to voice her concern that these were the colors of a rival team - but we went with it anyway), and I don't think there's any color combination better suited to rock and roll.  On Sunday afternoon I overslept during a pre-performance nap, so I had to throw on my pink knee socks, pleated skirt, and black t-shirt quickly.  In my fantasy world, I would have sported glam rock attire more like this:

Pink shiny dress by Claire La Faye: I love wearing dresses and skirts because they're easy to move in, and shiny + bright lights is the equivalent of getting extra star power on Guitar Hero. 

Bicycle necklace by Maureen Duffy: This necklace reminds me of vintage french art prints.  The fact that it's also black and rough looking makes it all the better to add a touch of edge to something sweet.

Mini chrysanthemum earrings by Pretty Littles: I don't have the earlobes to wear dangly earrings, but even if I did, I'd imagine having long earrings while hopping around would not be comfortable.  I'd go with something small, pretty, and poppingly bright. 

Black cherry blossom ring by LuLu Coco: Not only do I love big cocktail rings, but this one is also black and floral.  It seems appropriate to wear a fat ring when fingers on guitar frets will be the center of attention.  Plus, the seller is offering a buy two get one free deal on all of their rings like this. 

Flower headband by PBB Flowers: I hate having hair fly in my face, so I love headbands, even when I have a ponytail.  And this one is both feminine and bold.

Pintuck skull clutch by D's Chic Boutique: Skulls + just big enough for an ID, extra guitar pics, and maybe a capo.  What more do you need?

And of course, the final flourish: sparkly black chucks, like these Converse One Stars, which were sold at Target.  I have a pair in white, which I love.  Oddly, the price is only a few dollars off from the original Converse All Star, but I couldn't find any of the originals in the color sparkle, which negated a sale by my standards.  If you were going to be a rock star, what would your style be?  Goth ballerina?  Grunge goddess?  Blue jean virtuoso?

The showcase was held at Nomad Bar, which I will be visiting again in the future.  It's decorated with international currency, maps, and time clocks with major world cities.  As an army brat, I felt right at home.  They also had Mothership Wit, which just might be my new favorite beer. 

One of the Ladies Rock Camp bands on stage: Wild Things Disguised as Normal. 

Me with an extra belly thanks to my well-placed shadow, and our bassist Wendy, with Nikki in the background on drums.  My designated photographer didn't get any pictures of our guitar player, or all of us together, so if you have any better pictures, please send me some!

Terri and Melissa played for us after the Rock Camp bands, and Bonnie joined them on stage for a song.  I love their energy on stage and how comfortable they are as performers - it often goes unnoticed how much talent that takes until you yourself try to get on stage and realize it feels like you're standing naked on a pedestal - difficult to act at ease then!  The final band - if I understood correctly - actually formed at Ladies Rock Camp last year, called Butch County.  I'll be excited to see if anyone from this season keeps playing together in the future.  Either way, I can't wait to go back!