Girls Rock Friday: Rock Camp Day One & Rosie Flores

Today was Day One of Ladies Rock Camp Austin. I'm signed on to a quartet as the singer and one of two guitar players - I have no idea how an original song will be formulated and ready to play by Sunday, (at Nomad! At 7pm! Come cheer!) but the organizers obviously know what they're doing, so I'll go forth trustingly.  Each band has their own coach and a practice space, and standing in front of a microphone to sing is one of the most empowering feelings I've ever experienced. 

We started today with icebreakers and a performance by Rosie Flores, then had a song writing workshop, then split up into our instrument groups for music instruction.  I got to learn a Le Tigre song on guitar, then went with the voice teacher to practice scales. 

After dinner, one of the Girls Rock campers and her brother came and performed for us - she's eleven, and he's eight - and they were amazing.  They performed three original songs.  What was I doing when I was eleven?  Watching Animaniacs and Full House reruns after school?

In high school, I was in a band for all of a week as the guitar player, but not having a drummer or any thing resembling a mentor caused an early break-up of the never-named group.  After moving to Austin, I auditioned to be in a band as a harmony singer on a whim.  I don't really sing harmony, at least not without lots of coaching, so I wasn't exactly first choice.  Nonetheless, I'd count those two hours in their practice space in front of a mic amongst my top ten well-spent hours of all time.  My entire body was rebelling against me even walking in the door, but I somehow maintained control of my feet and made it through the rehearsal.  I'm not delusional enough to think that I have a future rock career in front of me, but I am happy to know I can live the rest of my life being a little more aware of the stamina of my guts. 

Camp met today in the chapel of the Sri Atmanada School, and then moved over to the Griffin School.  Again, can someone please tell me where these types of programs/curriculums were when I was in grade school?