Hip Hop Theatre Explosion at The Vortex

On Friday I got to take my kids on their first fieldtrip.  Part of the after-school program I run has a group called S.O.U.L. Sessions that comes in to teach kids kids breakdancing, DJ'ing, and free style hip-hop.  This organization also works with another Austin group, the Cipher, that is comprised of local hip-hop artists, including a student or two from the high school where I work.  The fieldtrip was to the Vortex Theatre to see Hip Hop Explosion.  The students I took got to break dance and rap with members of SOUL Sessions and the Cipher.  They also got to see one of their mentors, a Safe Place employee, and phenomenal youth worker, (she appropriatley runs a group called Phenomenal Women), perform with her group Public Offenders.  The sets of the show included break dancing, several rappers, a slam poet, Public Offenders, and the Cipher.  Zell Miller III (also works for my program) wasn't hosting that night, but the lady who was did well and is much prettier :)

I'm not really into hip hop, but I like connecting students to an art form that they are willing to embrace, and when I see them perform and do well, I want everyone else to know that those are my kids and they are stellar.

So really... what job could be better than essentially being a youth-enrichment-specialist?  Our next big fieldtrip is a tour of Austin graffiti art to prepare the kids to create a large mural under the guidance of SOUL Sessions artists.  Not a bad day at the office, even if I didn't get home till midnight on Friday.