Ladies Rock Camp Austin

Tonight was the homecoming game of the high school where I work, and it happened to be against the school where Lennon works.  So fostering rivalry, we spent most of our Friday night watching Texas high school football and a Grambling/Prairie View A&M style half-time show.


Most awesome drum major ever.  Although the kids at my current school are quite impressive as well.  I know if my Chicago-suburb-Jr-High band had been asked to move like that, disastrous things would have followed.

Afterward, being fiscally conservative and taking Lennon's ulcer into consideration, we went out for coffee.  Flightpath is a favorite, and now I like it even more knowing it was an important site in the birth of Austin Roller Derby.  After sitting down, I looked up and my eye was immediatley caught by a poster pasted in the community corner.  Can you guess which one....??

Ladies Rock Camp!  I've been checking out information about Girls Rock Camp for a while because I'm interested in contracting them in the future as a vendor for my after school program.  Their website makes me both wistful and bitter that there wasn't anything like that for me when I was in high school in Arkansas.  So the tag line on the poster at Flightpath spoke to me directly: "Wish you had Girls Rock Camp when you were young?"  Um, yes! 

So I jumped over to their website, and the camp is on the calendar for next weekend, Oct 23rd-25th.  I'm free!  Sadly for the poor among us (but good news for the new non-profit), the camp is not free.  It's $350 for attendance, but they offer a payment installment plan.  In the description of the program it is written in large capitol letters: NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  Awesome.  I fit the bill.  Unless my clarinet and choir days from Jr. High count... probably not. 

While I am super excited about the possibility of attending, (I haven't registered yet), I get concerned when the voice in my head tells me I am taking on too many things.  Being brand new at my job, I am constantly swamped, if only from doing everything without really knowing how.  Being bored has also never been an issue with me, as I have too many hobbies, too many interests, too many books I want to read, and too many blogs that I do read. 

One of these blogs is Zen Habits, a site that discusses living simply and with purpose for maximum serenity and fulfillment both with what one has and what one can accomplish.  Today, their post was entitled: Coding Simplicity: How to Avoid Feature Creep In Your Life.  Basically, this was a metaphor using technology that works initially, then gets so over packed with features and functions, that it no longer performs well.  The obvious translation: if one doesn't streamline their endeavors, they become the dreaded jack of all trades but master of none.

My own interest list could span scrolls: reading, The New York Times, my blog reader, writing, acrylic paints, oil pastels, Catch hrase tournaments, baking, music, travel, writing, decorating, cook books, slam poetry, dusty poetry, fruit flavored craft beer, loose tea... and I rarely commit to exploring any one thing for more than a couple days, when it is then shelved and returned to a month or more later. 

So, while my wanting to attend Rock Camp may add to my bloat, I don't foresee many demands on my time coming from it.  Although hopefully I'll meet some ladies that I'll want to remain friends with.  It also prompts me to think about how I should try streamlining my time since I've been overly tired recently.

My priority hobby list:

1) Read a few pages from a book every day

2) Follow my blog reader + post comments

3) Make dinner at least three times a week

4) Bread baking on weekends

5) Create a blog post at least five times a week.

6) Yoga twice a week

7) Get mentally prepared for NaNoWrMo

8) Learn how to use the digital camera I will hopefully buy soon, and then take it everywhere

That's not too bad, and if I consider it organic, then I can whittle and modify the list to make sure I'm channeling my focus on to projects and interests I genuinley want to see flourish.  This may mean I need to vacuum less obsessively. 

Otherwise, I'd hate to go the way of the PC.... (even though I love my PinkVaio).

Speaking of keeping hobbies to a manageable level.... oh, snap!