Plan Your Week: Austin Poetry Slam & Magnolias Mud Dip

Wednesday is poetry day around here, and tonight was the quarter-final round of competition to begin determining the Austin team for representation at the National Poetry Slam.  Christopher Lee is one of my favorites.  He didn't win tonight, but he typically places top three.  Eirik broke out the Harry Potter Love Song, and my coworker Elizabeth finally made it out to a show with her girlfriend, Andrea. 

I'm embarassed to say that I haven't performed at a slam since leaving Little Rock.  It's yet to be determined if my fascination with spoken word poetry is based on appreciation of the art and should be left at that, or if it's a drive and I need to spend time writing, editing, and conquering my stage fright. 

After the show, it was imperative to eat, as my lunch consisted of a granola bar at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  I've gotten addicted to Magnolia's Mag Mud Dip.  And while I know I could easily make it at home for less than the six and change that a bowl costs, it's still so much better when ordered in a warm restaurant late at night.  Mag Mud is simply a concotion of black beans, cheese dip, and avocado, with a bowl of salsa on the side.  I will bite off finger tips to get the avocado.

Andrea and Elizabeth had never been to Magnolia's before.  It was a good choice of locale because Elizabeth has recently started a blog dedicated to her favorite food: breakfast tacos, and Magnolias has several options for a breakfast taco enthusiast. 

Andrea and I both got the tuna melt.  Cottage cheese is a side option, and I like to splurge the extra fifty cents to order blueberries on the side.  Lennon and Elizabeth seemed to think that this was an absurd combination, but I've been eating frozen berries over cottage cheese since my dorm room days.  I don't know why I still eat fish, but just like some people say with other meat - I'm not sure how I'd get by without it.  My taste buds aren't quite resigned to only being able to order salads at certain restaurants.  Not to mention that survival without HEB sushi seems implausible, and at the very least, unpleasant.

If you want to check out Elizabeth's new taco blog, (and I recommend you do, her demerit system for rating taco sellers is quite discerning, as is her palette), then visit Tacos Are For Breakfast.  To Magnolia's credit, she cleaned her plate, as did the rest of us.   

Since the weekend is almost here, I want to share my selections of the best offerings in Austin that are upcoming this week, (and then imagine how wonderful it would be to do all of them if I had the money for it):

First and foremost, of course, is Ladies Rock Camp, which is where I'll be all weekend, and today I got the AMAZING news that I don't even have to pay my tuition fee out of pocket, or take a vacation day Friday - it counts as a work trip/training expense.  I have the. best. job. EVER.

Thursday: Howie Day + Colbie Caillat at Stubbs.  There are two songs by Howie Day that I love enough to merit seeing him. 

Friday: Black Heart Procession will be playing at Mohawk, a favorite from high school, back when Clunk Music Hall was THE place to be in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  RIP, Clunk.  Also, if I were in to the gory movie thing, I'd be all about the musical version of Evil Dead that's going on at the Salvage Vanguard, complete with ponchos and "splash" zone for the blood baths that will ensue.  I'll stick to Sea World, personally.

Saturday: Oktoberfest + Built to Spill.  Damn!  I'm almost sad I'm going to miss these, but my day will be quite satisfying with guitars and awesome ladies during the afternoon, and then a Dia De Los Muertos/house warming party at night. Oktoberfest will be at Waterloo Park and Built to Spill at Stubbs. 

Sunday: Ladies Rock Camp showcast at Nomad at 7PM with Melissa Bryan and Pony Mistress.  Seriously, why would you NOT be there?!  It's my rock star debut.

Monday: Halloween Music Concert at Austin Theological Seminary.  The entire orchestra will be in costume and the blurb on the Chronicle says "why won't you?" Well geeze, I guess I need to go and wear one.

Tuesday: Emos + Straylight Run.  I haven't kept up with their new stuff, but they're old stuff was good enough that I'm still in love with it.  Also: Interfaith Communications through Austin Area Interreligous Ministries.  The topic will be the difficulties of compassion and it's at the First United Methodist Church. 

Wednesday: I don't even need to look at a calendar, because it's rumpus day, and there WILL be pictures.

What are your plans for the week?

Straylight Run - my favorite video.

Straylight Run - my favorite song.