Adrian & The Sickness, a Salad, and Girl Crushes

It probably would have been obvious to anyone else that eating a dinner of cheese sticks and beer on Friday night, and then not eating again till Saturday night, would merit a sick feeling in one's tummy.  Luckily, the easy cure for this is to eat again.  I fixed my discomfort with a salad-by-the-pound dinner from Central Market, an HEB answer to Whole Foods and people who don't want to sift through the coupon specials for gourmet fare.  I love the place.  And - news to me - they do free live music on the weekends - so I got to enjoy my heavy and expensive salad on the patio of the cafe while a live band played.  I'll be doing my grocery shopping on Saturday nights from now on!

After dinner, I went with Phil to Momo's to see the Adrian and the Sickness CD release party. A lot of the Girls Rock coaches, admin, and attendees were there, so I met up with a drum player from my weekend at Ladies Camp - Angela.  This is Angela and I on the patio of Momo's with the Austin skyline as a backdrop, complete with crane in place to construct more new condominiums. 

One of the opening bands for Adrian & The Sickness was a group formed at Girls Rock Camp - and they really did rock - if I was still my shy high school self, these would be girls I'd look up to in the hallway.  I'm 25 years old and I still admire them.  I can't find the name of their band so I must be spelling it wrong - Chemillion?  Shemillion?  Chamillion?  Plus the parents rocking out front and center to their daughters' music was double adorable.

Kathy Valentine, of the Go Go's, produced the Adrian & The Sickness new album, BFD, and played on stage with the band for a few songs at the beginning of the set.  They also played a Go Go's song in tribute, which I didn't recognize, so Phil called me a baby. 

I've been playing the album, BFD in my car since I bought it a couple weeks ago.  Adrian has a sweet voice when she sings that is in huge (but perfect) contrast to the incredibly dexterity with which she (and her bandmates) plays classic-rock-on-speed melodies.  The edge in their sound comes out harder on stage than on the CD, but not in a negative way, because the difference is simply that I can sing along with the CD.  If you haven't seen them play, then what are you waiting for

Fun Fun Fun Fest was also this weekend, and Tolly, over at the Austin Eavesdropper, wrote about her girl crush on Alice Glass of Crystal Castles.  The girls of Adrian & The Sickness are great inspiration for girl crushes, so I thought it appropriate to include my other on-going girl crush: Holly Miranda of the Jealous Girlfriends - who is coming to Mohawk on November 19th (a day after the Get Up Kids - I don't know if I can handle so much heart throbbing in one week) ! 

Who makes your heart do somersaults?