The Austin Garden Party

I attended the Garden Party, hosted by the Austin Eavesdropper, at the Liberty Bar on Saturday night with Lennon.  The cold germs that are now building superstructures and mass transporation monorails in my lungs were tending their first batch of hatchlings on Saturday, so I promised myself I could go out if I went early, left early, and only had one beer.  Sadly, this resulted in a lack of pictures from my camera.

Ever enthusiastic about dressing up, I dropped by Parts and Labour the day before to find a feathery hair piece. I chose this sea shelled hair pin by Marlo Adelle.  I thought it would be something I'd never wear again, but after putting it in, I decided a bit flamboyant suits me.

My theme for the night was pearls.

The photobooth was manned by Trevor Ray, and like at the Bleet Up, he had all kinds of fun goodies to utilize as props.  I can't do hair, period, so a bob was out of the question.  Since the Garden Party was in support of sustainable gardening, a lot of the door prizes were beautiful succulents.  Having left early, I bet I won the grand prize and will never know.  It's ok, though, as I no longer have a front yard.  Congrats to the evening's winners - lucky saps!  (I know, terrible pun).