The Flying Saucer UFO Club's Newest Member & Plan Your Week

Last night, a friend from Arkansas drove down to Austin, and it was just in time to attend our friend JB's UFO party at the Flying Saucer.  JB has, over the course of many months, tasted 200 beers at the Saucer, earning himself a gold rimmed platter with his name on it (in the corner, above the hallway to the restooms!).  The Saucer in Little Rock was a second home, as many a Monday Pint Night, Tuesday Trivia Night, It's-sleeting-and-work-is-cancelled-tomorrow night, and weekend no-good-bands-are-playing-elsewhere night were spent drinking Shiners and Blue Moons in the warm glow of the copper penny back splash.  So, who says you can't go home again?

This weekend/week in Austin is going to be nuts, there's so much going on.  Here are my picks for the week:

Friday - While my friend might have driven in to see Mastadon and Dethklock at the Austin Music Hall, I'll take the Monsters of Folk with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes playing at Stubbs.  Plus, Bishop Allen is at Mohawk, but I've already seen them in Little Rock.  Leave it to Beverly at The Off Center is also happening tonight - a play about 60's sitcoms gone wrong.  Either way, I'll be at a birthday party, bringing a six pack as a present.  I should also mention that it's the Boys and Girls Club Fall Gala - which I could never afford a ticket to, but if I didn't already have plans, I could go to for free/as a volunteer... and the menu, steak aside, was certainly tempting. 

Saturday - The East Austin Studio tour kicks off!  Be sure to stop by the studio of Michael Long, an artist and photographer who teaches art to my kids after school five days a week.  Even some of our toughest, don't-like-anybody-in-authority teenagers, like Michael Long, so you should too. 

Sunday - The Swell Season at the Paramount!  If you've seen the movie Once, then you probably love them.  I got to see them play at BU in Boston last year, which is lucky because I certainly can't afford a ticket to the Paramount.  Last year, I used the movie to do a compare/contrast essay with my senior English class over James Joyce's short story Eveline.  A few soundtracks were purchased afterward.  Seeing as I am poor, I will be attending the Flipside Flyers aerial silk performance at 4:30, and then the Austin Garden Party at 6:00, both more within my budget.

Monday - Bob Schneider and Rosie Flores at the Saxon Pub.  Enough said. 

Tuesday - Eisley at Emo's.  They aren't the featured act - but I love their vocals, plus they're a Texas band. 

Wednesday - The Get Up Kids at Emo's!  Get out of my way, because I will be front row and center.  I've loved them since the tenth grade, and Something To Write Home About is still the only CD I've ever had to replace because I played/play it so much. 

Thursday - Girl crush night - Holly Miranda playing solo at Mohawks.  Tickets: bought. 

What are your plans this week?