Story Corps + The Things That Haunt Us

Germans in the Woods from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.

One of the blogs I check regularly is Waging Nonviolence, and I can't help but re-post this video they highlighted from Story Corps.  The animated video illustrates the words of WWII veteran Joseph Robertson, who fought at the Battle of the Bulge, and his memory of shooting one German soldier, that has stayed with him for over sixty years.  Coming from a military family, having gone through ROTC, anti-violence to the point of vegetarianism, etc, etc... stories like this stand out as critical to highlighting the psychological affects of war, which, while still following the Ft. Hood story closely, seems even more important to bring into the public sphere of consideration.  And no matter what you think about war - you should familiarize yourself with Story Corps, because it is just THAT awesome.