Thanksgiving Break, the Dallas Art Museum, Dealy Plaza, & Harley Davidsons

Yay holidays!  Even when I like my job I love long breaks that involve copious amounts of food.

Lennon and I skipped between families during our break, and he insisted that when we made it to Dallas, we had to eat at Isabella's Pizza.  This was part of the Lennon's-childhood-grand-tour of Grand Prairie, and lunch came with stories of little Lennon eating there with his dad after karate practice while proudly sporting his gi.  Isabel was actually there, making pizza from scratch, when we walked in.  If the pizza hadn't of been larger than two of my stomachs, I would have eaten the whole thing.

Lennon's mom is a member of the Dallas Art Museum, which means free admission for her and a guest.  Sadly, this does not mean one can use her card without her presence... darn photo ID's.

One of the large sculptures was this crazy glass/mirror thing, which I managed to get one picture of before being told "no photographs, please."

Photos were allowed in the hands-on room of the museum.  This cardboard chair was comfier than my desk chair.  I may need to start saving boxes.

The museum's atrium had large, glass sea-anemone flowers blooming on the windows.

I liked them.  They reminded me of antique summer picnic sets.  I have a miniature pink one for my Samantha doll. 

Outdoor mosaic murals were also ok for photographing.  Dallas actually had leaves changing colors properly for fall.  I keep steppping out in Austin and thinking it's early spring since everything is still green.

On Saturday, Lennon's dad took us to Dealy Plaza to see the site of the Kennedy assasination.  Sort of an odd spot for a romantic pose, but the "x" behind us is where the fatal shot was fired. 

Father and son outside of the Texas Book Depository building.  Related?  Hm...

When going over to see these gigantic cow statues, Lennon asked why they weren't more appropriatley fixed in Ft. Worth.  His dad reminded him that Ft. Worth doesn't need fake cows.  Here, Lennon takes the bull by the horns.

I like to let the fake cow know that I will never eat his more lively brethren. 

Yes, we are THOSE tourists. 

Next to the giant cows is an old cemetary with famous early Dallas-ites are buried, now located in the center of downtown Dallas.  I thought pelting Lennon would leaves would liven up the place.

A trip to Grand Prarie/Dallas wouldn't be complete without a tour of Lennon's dad's Harley Davidson shop.

I wish I could say I got to ride this home to Austin, but $21,000 says I probably should just be happy being allowed to touch it.  One of the best Harley mechanics in Texas was a mere two feet away should I have broken anything.

Today we are both back in Copperas Cove with my family for Christmas decorating and laying around, now watching Star Wars on T.V. - how long till Christmas break?

How was your holiday?