The XX & Friendly Fires at Mohawk, with NO Holly Miranda

Dear Holly Miranda,

I bought tickets to two bands I'd never heard of just to see you play solo.  It's been too long since I saw the Jealous Girlfriends perform at Juanita's in Little Rock.  But then, heartbreak of all heartbreaks, you cancelled.  And I did not realize this until 10PM, after standing smushed as marbles in a kid's back pocket for an hour, when a band came onto the stage that, alas, was not you.  You Tube has been my only consolation since Thursday.  But don't worry.  I am not a fair weather fan, and I'll be front row, (or fourth), the next time you come through town.  Just - please don't cancel again, as next time I might cry.

A little You Tube therapy.

The non-Holly band that came on was The XX, and while I am enjoying thier mellowness in the quiet, calm space of my living room while wearing polar pear pajama pants and thinking about sleep, it was not an exciting enough stage show to merit staying cramped on the lower deck of Mohawk.  Plus, even though I was front stage right, I couldn't see 1/3rd of the band, because the girl was standing behind a speaker.

Ater going upstairs to sit down, I started checking twitter on my phone, and saw that Austin Bloggy and ATXhipsters were both tweeting the show, and one had been right beside me on the deck, and the other was right in front of me on the upper level. 

I kept trying to figure out who was tweeting during the show, but it was actually much darker than this picture makes it look.  Overcast skies make for a great lighting backdrop.

Lennon is not nearly the fan of mellow music that I am, so if I was annoyed by the cancellation of the set I came to see, which was only aggrivated by being bored with the string of songs featuring the Am chord, then it's easier to imagine his level of boredom.  But, he's a good sport, and beer makes everything better.

The Friendly Fires reminded me of the 80's clashing with a disco roller rink.  Every butt in the venue was suddenly on a pendulum, and shook back and forth, back and forth. 

I can't take credit for the above two pictures - I was standing on the stairs, peeking around the corner, as it was the only place I could a) get enough height to see over the crowd and b) not have to fight the impermeable line of people clinging to railings for a vantage point.  So Lennon, being the skinny giant that he is, waded into the fray to take a few pictures for me.

I did take this one.  I watched the Friendly Fires through the frame of a plant.  Then we left, and went to Magnolias for mud dip.  That was when it started to pour.  Good timing.