Christmas Part Two: Dallas & The Parks Mega Mall

The not-wear-jeans-everyday challenge continued when Lennon and I made it to his parents house in Dallas.  I'm easing into it with the denim skirt.  So, like a true outfit chronicler:

Skirt: American Eagle
Shirt: Target boyfriend t-shirt
Tank top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target
Coat: BB Dakota
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Sunglasses: Target
Socks: Target (geeze!)
Mary Janes: Dillards
Tattoo: my favorite of four, more on that later.  

I don't shop that much during the year, but once the sales after Thanksgiving and Christmas hit, I get infected with the shopping flu.  After his parents treated us to the Sherlock Holmes movie and Mexican food, I begged him to take me to the mall.  He was such a good boyfriend, he even carried my bags.  (I actually think my boyfriend has been brain invaded by aliens, considering he didn't even complain about the crowds).

On the way to the mall, he suddenly veered off the road into this parking lot.  I thought we were at our destination... Silly me, he'd seen this Dodge Charger parked in a lot and had to pull over to take pictures of it.  Maybe he hasn't been body-snatched after all.

I have never considered Little Rock a small town, nor have I considered myself uncultured having grown-up as a military brat, but when I walked into the mall my jaw dropped.  They had a whole ice-skating rink.  A WHOLE one.

They also had this cowboy themed merry-go-round.  Nice touch, Dallas.

Next trip, Lennon owes me a trip to the aquarium.  Owes me in like, he's promised to take me since I first met him.  I love fish and whales.  I was the ecstatic child at Sea World and whale watching in Maui.  Not much has changed.  For now, it's good to be home.