Anything Else (But Boring Movie Posters)

Continuing the Christmas weekend, Lennon and I are now in Dallas with his parents enjoying soft couches, acoustic guitars, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomato soup.  While browsing my Google reader, I found a link to the ten best movie posters of the decade.  In between all of the films I've never heard of, I found this poster, with its vintage map and candy red cartoon apple, that stood out from the rest:

I had to read the blurb underneath it to realize that I've seen this film, and really like it.  For the American sensibility, here is the poster that was released in the US:

Really?  Those are for the same movie?  I always thought that the US version looked a bit stupid rom-com for the Woody Allen-ness stamp that permeates the film, but I never realized that the poster was an intentional dumbing down for American viewers.  I'm suddenly insulted!  The jokes on them, though, considering the surge in public enthusiasm for vintage maps, posters, and anything resembling an art house origin.  Lennon and I just bought a vintage map print of London for his sister from Target. 

My interest in design has always been present in my art journal obsession, but is piquing in my desire to tweak my blog design to something stream lined and pretty.  If you've been visiting the site directly, you'll notice I've changed the banner and colors, but it's still not 100% satisfactory - I'll have to work on my tech savvy.

Regardless, I want to watch some Woody Allen now.