Early Resolutions: Abandoning Slob-dom & Welcoming the Austin Cheap Chic

When I first got out of graduate school and started teaching, I took outfit photos almost every day to remind myself how to put together the pieces I had in my closet. Ten new pounds and two years later, I have long since abandoned this habit and suffered from a case of "the sloppies," which I partially attribute to the weight gain.  A lot of my "cute" clothes no longer fit or were donated to Goodwill before the big move to Texas.

Working in after school programming facilitated a jeans and t-shirts phase of my life, one I am now completely bored with and ready to abandon.  One of my favorite discoveries about Austin is the over-whelming enthusiasm for vintage stores and clothing, which is way more affordable than the sorority-boutique-look that was/is popular in Arkansas, and also allows for way more creativity in dressing.

I believe one of my first orders of business for 2010 should be to adopt the creative mindset, and as much as I love my solid, Target t-shirts, perhaps I should not wear them the moment they are out of the dryer...

One of my first super-exciting thrifted finds: Seven jeans from Buffalo Exchange for $18.00.  I love bell bottoms, and I love designer jeans.  I'm not so sure if I love how much longer my hair has gotten since my self-portrait days, but I'm too cheap to cut it.  And yes, I also love orange, (and Target, that shirt and cardigan... and oh, my sparkly One Star shoes, are from there). 

Anyway: 2010, bring on the cute outfits!  And do it for cheap!  I've got my camera ready and I might even dust off my high heels.