Etsy Gift Picks for a Texas Heart (and everyone else's, too)

My family likes to make Kaboodle lists long before Christmas, and then go physically shopping for presents with frequent stops for snacks and Starbucks.  While I'm all about some snacks, (and family), I much prefer to sit and home and let my mouse do the walking.  I also love supporting home-grown, hand-sewn products, which is why I browse Etsy as opposed to the rest of the web.  Because of this, I am super sad that I missed the Austin Etsy Craft Riot this past weekend, but staff parties (and sleeping in) commanded my attention.  All that over-blown lead up finished, here are my favorite Etsy finds for, oh, the past twenty minutes. 

Creamer in Spring Green by AbbyTPottery - I actually like all of the pieces that go with this set, but something about a fat, squat jar with a handle and spout screams "must acquire NOW" to me.

Hot Pink Felt Texas by LoveCalifornia - My heart may belong to Arkansas, but Austin suits my soul.

Magical Exploding Frog Soap by HowardsHome.  'Nuff said.  (although, it's also worth mentioning that sales go to benefit their son's hospital bills). 

Japanese lunch bag by Little Sappling - it's a draw string bag, no, it's a lunch sack, no, it's a placemat... either way, no crusty crumbs permanently stuck in the bottom of the bag!

Alice Cullen wool gloves by BoopieCreations - as I type this, my hands and fingers are freezing.  I wish I had these so I could both type and not have icicle fingers. 

Damask camera strap with lens holder by denisehytonen - I bought a similar one from Mod via Etsy recently, and I love it. 

Animal Pastimes 2010 calendar by SadlyHarmless - I liked almost every calendar that I found when I searched, but this one had the cutest pictures.  It also reminds me of the paint licking giraffe at the Little Rock zoo that I am so very fond of. 

Gin and Tonic Moustache Wax by MansFaceStuff - mostly I think this is funny because it fits a stereotype, and second, because Lennon is all about his hair goop and always proclaims, "I'm a Dapper Dan Man!"  Plus moustaches should be the new beards.  Or I just like nifty containers.  It's a toss-up.

Poofy Tutu Skirt by Oblivion Clothing - a tutu for adults!?  I'd wear it everyday.

And if you were lame like me and missed the Austin Etsy Craft Riot, then you can still check out the pictures here.  I can't believe I missed out on Santa!  Did anyone go and find anything they love?