Gingerbread House Making & Makers Mark Apple Cider

How do all of these things add up?


Whiskey + Apple Cider + Love Actually + Puppy & Roommates = A Jolly Holiday Evening

After making graham cracker gingerbread houses with my kiddos at work, I wanted to have my own chance at creative candy expression, so I convinced my roommates we needed to have a wild gingerbread house building night of craziness.  Spiked apple cider was a must.

Crazy may be a bit lenient, but watching Love Actually for the fourth time this season set the tone for a messy night of Christmas city planning.  In the end we had a pool house, a hobo hovel, and a Charlie Brown house.

Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

The Sims should be proud.  Except for the natural disaster that occurred when Bella ate the house on the left.  And a cake... but that's a different story.

Notice the hobo hovel is even roasting a gummy bear over a red hot M&M flame.  Crispy.  And there is a cinnamon Santa Claus on top of the pool house, with gummy bear reindeer behind him.

How do you celebrate the holidays with your friends?