Happy New Year + Blue Astronomical Anomalies

To everyone: readers, drifters, subscribers, passers-by: Happy New Year!  I hope 2010 is joyful, creative, eventful, productive, and pleasurable for all.

And tonight is special because it's a blue moon, the first since 1990 and the last until 2029.  To celebrate, I recommend having some of my favorite orange juice, I mean, wheat beer: Blue Moon.  It's much better than champagne, swear.  It's also a good kick off for one of my new year's resolutions: earn a plate at the Flying Saucer for trying every beer they stock.  It's going to be tough, but I'm a trooper, a pint size one.  (ha.)

Be safe, wear something sparkly, and make sure you get to sleep in tomorrow!  I'm going low key this year, as a favor to my pocket book, but by goodness there will be beer and wine and shiny shirts.

firework photo credit: deviant art