Merry Christmas Eve!

Keeping up with the American tradition of holiday bustle, I've been non-stop traveling the past few days.  After a 48 hours mad dash to get all of my paperwork finished and turned in before leaving, it was off to Little Rock to visit my grandparents.

Before leaving, Lennon and I took the Bella for a walk over to the triangle for Kick Butt coffee and admiring a brightly lit tree, since there is a noticeable absence of lit trees in our apartment.

The drive to Little Rock is nine hours, and ever an odd ball, I like long car rides.  It's the only time I can justify fast food, (Taco Bueno!), caramely candy bars, and marathon sing-a-longs.  Plus, there's grandparents and friends at the end, as well as the sweaters I had left behind when I moved.  It's like a free shopping spree when I can't even remember what I used to own - everything's new again!

After driving back from Little Rock, stopping off for a night in Dallas, getting home long enough to play with kids at Southwest Key and run two loads of laundry, it was back in the car to my Dad's house in Cove.  I do regret not getting a chance to ice skate on the top of the Whole Foods building, but I did get to go watch some people cling to the railings for dear life as they skated, which is almost just as good.

At home, it's movies on my Dad's projection screen, last minute trips to Target, M&M's in every room of the house, and waking up on the air mattress to Bella's nose in my face. I love being home at Christmas :)