An Ode to Ugly... I Mean... Homemade Ornaments & Family Heirlooms

Some people like their trees to have a uniform, matchy-matchy type of look.  We aren't one of those families, we like our tree eclectic.  My family also suffers from having me in it, because I hate throwing away anything sentimental.  Countless evidence presented above.  The credit for the spiky styrofoam ball in the bottom right goes to my step-sister, Courtney, but I'll claim the rest.  I think my favorite is the decorated feather plucked from a feather duster in the fourth grade, found just above Courtney's colorful Christmas ball, which she sneakily attempted to hide on the back of the tree.

School pictures never die.  Left - me, circa 4th grade/1994.  Right - Courtney, I'm guessing around the same age.  Oh, bangs...

After my paternal grandmother, Ma Maw Mary, died, we got this nativity set that is very, very old.  Coming into a military family, it's suffered a few bumps and bruises in our many moves, including a decapitated wise man.  My dad tried to fix him, again.  The flamingos were my addition.  It's fitting that Lennon just put on Love Actually for the fifth time, because I was just reminded that there were, in fact, two lobsters present at the birth of Jesus.  So flamingos are feasible.

Speaking of Lennon, his wallet was just pulled from the washing machine, after it had been running for thirty minutes.  Time to deal with that, and enjoy my new Christmas PJ's.