Rainy Days + Happy Hour in Austin?? Yes, Please!

I can't tell the world how much I love rain.  So why would I choose to move to Austin, TX?  Because I hate cold more than I love rain.  Arkansas tends to be floodishly rainy in the fall and spring, so last year I ordered these green Hunter wellies from J. Crew, since I was essentially wading into work everyday after the academic year started.  Much to my chagrin, I discovered after they arrived that the sizes were done in mens, not womens.  So they are about two sizes too big, but I was too lazy and too cheap to exchange them, so now I wear them with thick socks and have room for tea parties in the toes.

The rain that came down ALL DAY LONG on Tuesday was a huge treat, so I didn't waste the opportunity to go stomp about in my wellies.

Poor Lennon had to stand in the rain to take my picture as I hid under an overhang.  Photographers should get the same credit that mailmen do.

On to the outfit, which is boringly mono-chro-brandic. 

Boots: Hunter via J. Crew
Skirt: J. Crew
Plaid shirt: J. Crew
Black sweater: J. Crew (yawn!)
Tank top: Gap
Brooch: M grandmother's closet

I wore this to go consume happy hour appetizers and beers at Hickory Street Bar & Grill.  What occasion is more special than discounted fried pickles and Shiner!?