Snow in Central Texas + Candlit Christmas Eves

It's my first (almost) white Christmas!  It snowed on the 24th, here in Copperas Cove, Texas, for the majority of the day.  Wonderful surprise!

On the other hand... can we talk about how I didn't pack for cold weather?!  It was 60+ in Austin just yesterday!  I packed skirts for the holiday.

It wouldn't have been a Christmas eve without a candle light service.  I didn't get the picture that I wanted, because as soon as I took this one, my dad gave me a dirty look since the camera flashes a small light before it auto focuses.  Oh well - next year I'll get a better one, dirty looks be darned!

I hope everyone's evenings and mornings have been peaceful and warm with food that doesn't allow for calorie counting.  My step-sisters made cinnamon rolls.  From scratch.  Be jealous.