Stupid Ladders! & Other Christmas Loot

A few of my favorite things from my Christmas gifts that I wanted to brag about:

  • Oversize farmer's market/grocery bag
  • Plaid PJ pants (Santa stops by early to bring all of us PJ's on Christmas eve every year)
  • Burt's Bees gift set with seed packet (won at the family Dirty Santa gift exchange)
  • Fender guitar picks in assorted thicknesses
  • Ulta makeup - eye liner, shadows, lip gloss.  I love Ulta.
  • Pink iphone case to replace my gaudy electric blue one
  • Bare Minerals powder/foundation.  I'll have to test this out and report back.
  • Vegetarian Times subscription - this will be especially helpful when I sign up for the CSA!
  • Sparkly nail files
  • Button picture frames (my dad actually got these in the gift exchange, and he let me have them)
  • Stila smudge pots - I have a big one in green and love it, so now I have all the colors!
  • Julie & Julia DVD - I haven't read Julie Powell's book, but I did read Julia Child's book My Life in France and loved it.  I especially love that neither of them found their creative calling until their 30's/40's, and this is reassuring on days when I feel as though I missed some sort of life's calling boat by not getting on board by 20.
  • Cranium (Lennon's gift, which I get to play with)
  • Joy of Home Brewing book (Lennon's from me).  A home brew store just opened in Copperas Cove by the Walgreens, and Lennon and I went in and spent almost an hour talking with the owner about how to brew beer and wine at home, and the vineyard that he owns.  As soon as I clear out some under-stairs closet space, we are SO brewing our own beer.
  • I also got new floor mats for my car... much needed, since I skimped on them when purchasing my car from the dealership.  Now there's a hole under the gas pedal where my heels have dug out the fabric.
What did you get that you love?? 

My niece, Shelby, squeezed herself into a gift box, and her daddy promptly put the lid on top.  Then she popped out to surprise Aunt Courtney.  Shelby was very excited about her own present - Stupid Ladders.  I don't think I will ever call that game by its proper name again.