A Thorn & A Rose: The Austin Snow Fail + My Own Domain Name!

All last night and this morning, I have been praying as though a hurricane were about to slam into the coast of Texas so hard it would jar Austin three feet to the right.  Tennyson may have said that "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of," but gosh darn it Tennyson, there was NO SNOW when I woke up this morning.  The only snow I did see was tainted by sun light, which meant the few precious flurries were to be short lived and futile. 

I like my job, don't get me wrong, but what is better than an unexpected day at home, where your main objective is to stay warm and not go outside?  Maybe I should become a mountain hermit, I believe they have similar goals.

Regardless of the weather man's bucket-o-fail prediciton, I'm happy it's cold.  And last night was First Thursday on South Congress, and poor Mr. Lennon had to canvas people for his new job out on the harsh, windswepped sidewalk.  Feeling compassionate, I went by Starbucks when I got off work at 8PM to pick up a large, black coffee (even though he says Starbucks should really be called char-bucks) for him, and a spiced chai tea for myself.  I had grandiose plans to present him with the surprise visit and beverage, thus making his evening brighter. 

If he'd had a phone, I would have known that he actually left South Congress at 8PM, and I wouldn't have had to walk up and down up and down clutching my two cups sadly to my chest, never finding him.  My mittens are now coffee stained.  It's ok, though, because it gave me an excuse to stare at all of the people as I scanned crowds for him, and I love people watching and peering into shop windows.

On that high note, my other big and wonderful piece of news is:

I registered for my own domain name!  If you have my page bookmarked or coming to your feed reader, please update the link to www.dishevelledstars.com

I figured I could spring for the $10 it took to stake my claim in the cyber world, but my readers - whether few and far between or hiding in the shadows - would make the purchase worth its cost if all relevant channels to this site were updated.  Thank you thank you!