Crave Sushi & Knitted Hats from Grandma

After so many pint nights this week, it was definitely time to stay in.  Earlier this week, though, Lennon and I tried out Crave Sushi on Guadalupe.  It seemed prime to go since all of the students were still home, which meant there was a place to park, an anomaly that never happens!  I got sushi and Lennon got chicken fried rice.  The food was good, but I'm yet to find a Hanaroo that serves kiwi on sushi, or a Sushi Cafe with a mango Hawaiian role.  I don't know how I feel about backless benches, but the inside of Crave was very pretty in black and sans backs.  I can't wait till its warm enough to bike places comfortably, and sit outside!  Tonight's chill and thriftiness has merited movies and hot chocolate.

Today, like yesterday, was ridicu-cold in Texas, so I got to bundle up in the hat my grandmother just sent me - which I love!  When I was down in Little Rock before Christmas I picked out the purple yarn and the style, then eagerly awaited till it arrived.  I'm sending her this link so she can see the pictures, so hi, Gramadear - I love you!

I borrowed Eirik's eleven year old chubby kitty, Aretha, for the photos.  Fashion model kitty was not amused, thought angle of camera made her look fat.  Fashion model Amanda feels similar, seeing as those pants have not fit for the past two years because they were too big.  I need to exercise for four main reasons: 1) my health, as I'm a prime cancer candidate, 2) because my face carries weight like a chipmunk, 3) most of my clothes no longer fit, 4) I miss having the extra energy.  Things to worry about when it warms up...

Hat: my grandmother!
Scarf: J. Crew outlet
Cardigan: Target
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Purple tank top: Target
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Sperry's