Dishevelled Stars Fifty Readers Giveaway!

After browsing through all of the beautiful things for sale at SoLa in the Triangle today, I fell in love with this:

Bird on a Branch necklace!  I know - to my three, loyal male readers, Grant, Moose, and Chris - it's girly.  I warned you it'd probably be girly.  Close enough for a gender neutral cupcake?

Back to the ladies - I love SoLa, and on Friday the 15th they are having an annual sale, where EVERYTHING in their store is 50% off.  Don't get in my way, just sayin'.

But if you can't wait to shop or live too far away, you can win this necklace that I loved so much I bought two of!  I can't say enough how excited I am to know that someone (and for a while it was just me and my lonesome) stops by to visit me here, and while I can't afford to send presents to everyone, I hope the sentiment of wanting to say thank you is evident.  (If not - thank you!)  While fifty may be my forever cap off (and that's just fine if it is - I'm cozy), I like the idea of doing a giveaway for every fifty readers that decide to keep stopping by - so when and if I reach 100, be on the look out for another giveaway!

Now back to the contest.  If you win, here is what you'll get in the mail:

I was so excited I had the necklace gift wrapped!  And we'll be twinkies from across cyberspace!  Ok I'll stop getting so excited.

To enter the giveaway:
1. For one entry - Comment once on this post
2. For two entries - Become a follower of my blog via Blogger/Google Friend Connect or a feed reader (or let me know if you already are one)
3. For three entries - Tweet or Blog about the giveaway!

Please make a separate comment for each entry, and post links to your tweets or blogs - Thank you!!  Winner will be selected at random.
Giveaway Ends on Monday at 10:00 PM central time, and I'll announce my fellow avian enthusiast on Tuesday.