Downtown Austin Photo Scavenger Hunt

I love weekends - I get to focus all of my attention on cleaning the house, sleeping in, cooking complicated meals, planning the grocery list, writing a bit, riding my bike - the possibilities in a weekend are infinite.  And yes, I like a clean house enough to merit chore completion a high point. 

On Saturday, though, Lennon and I went out for our friend Katie's twenty-sixth birthday.  It was a surprise photo scavenger hunt and night out downtown, planned mostly by her room mate, Jo.

I also love any excuse to wear a party dress.  For a downtown photo scavenger hunt, flats were definitely a neccesity!

Dress: French Connection
Tights: Target
Shoes: ??? I don't even remember buying them!
Necklace: Etsy

It ended up being chilly so I wore a black cardigan over this, but it still equaled the perfect transitional outfit for going from dumpster diving to the dance floor :)

This is my team for the scavenger hunt on top of The Blind Pig Pub.  We never did come up with a name... but this photo was for "entire team on a roof top."  The bar tender was also awesome - he made everyone cheap drinks for the item "chugging contest with a stranger," and acted as our photographer for several shots, including "entire team with a stranger mooning all."  Check and check.

This adorable bulldog helped us out for "Shake hands with a stranger's dog."

"Entire team doing a chorus line with a stranger."  I think we should have gotten bonus because we got two strangers. 

The other team was a bit more coordinated than we were.  Katie, the birthday girl, is on the far right.  And as seen in pictures on previous posts, Lennon's legs look freakishly long.

"Entire team in the back of a truck."  We couldn't find a person with their truck, so our first inclination was to run to the fire station to get a picture there.  A very, very cute fireman took our picture in and around the truck's cab (there's a LOT of buttons in there!), but we were worried Jo wouldn't count it, so we interrupted traffic to jump out of our car and climb into the back of this unattended pick up.  Mara set the camera on top of her car and we jumped in and out very quickly.

Again, the other team totally beat us in style points on this picture - they got in the back of a beer truck.

"Entire team with a food vendor."  The other team copied us and got the same shot.  It's a tight squeeze in there between the grill and the wall.  Other items on the scavenger list included, "high five a homeless person," "one team member in a dumpster," and "one team member in a porta potty."  It's too bad EVERY PORTA POTTY downtown is padlocked.  The only one we found open was on the back of a truck trailer - bonus points to Courtney for running out of our car (stopped at a red light), climbing onto the trailer, and posing in the potty for a picture before the light turned green.  That's dedication.

Katie and Jo after the scavenger hunt.  I'm convinced our team won since theirs failed to put their whole team on a rooftop, and just made Lennon climb city hall.  We all had dinner at this inexpensive and delicious Indian restaurant - Tarka Indian Kitchen, and then hit Sixth Street.  Being a collective beer fan club, we spent most of our time in The Ginger Man which could rival the Flying Saucer on beer selection.  We then spent all of ten minutes in Six Lounge, and ended the night at Qua, which, when I don't think about the $20 credit card minimum I didn't know about until after I'd received one drink, was awesome because there were live sharks under the dance floor.  Being an aquarium fanatic and a dancing enthusiast, I was in Heaven.