Foragers Questing For Food: Kerbey Lane Cafe

Like most people on New Years Day, Lennon and I woke up late after a few too many drinks, (I swear he drank a whole bottle of champagne by himself, don't let him tell you otherwise).  We decided that the middle of the afternoon on a holiday would be prime time for a cheap taco.  Taco Bueno is a bit far from us, so Maria's Taco Xpress seemed the ideal location.  The last time we went, we learned the hard way that it was closed on Monday, but today is Friday, so surely, we would be safe. 

I wore this dress I just bought on sale at Sola in the Triangle yesterday.  I'd never been in there before, but Lennon and I were walking to the bank nearby, and somehow I came home with a dress.  The gathering in the skirt reminds me of Marie Antoinette, and I love it.

Dress: Cecico, on sale at Sola
Cardigan: Gap
Mary Janes: Nurture
Cameo Necklace: my grandmother's

Moving along... Lennon, Eirik, and I all drive to South Austin, and whatdayaknow, Maria's closed at 2PM.  Undeterred, we decide we're going to go to the Torchy's not far from Maria's.  We drive by, and there are people literally spilling out of the door.  "Forget that," we say in unison, "let's go to Juan in a Million."  Lennon swears it's open because he ate there last year on New Years Day when he was in Austin visiting friends, so we set our sights on breakfast tacos and head to East Austin.  We drive up, and it looks closed.  In retrospect, maybe we should have gotten out of the car to check, but it looked dark enough that we threw our hands up in the air in frustration at the Taco gods who were denying us much needed food and tortillas, and decided to try the Torchy's on Guadalupe.  Back to North Austin.  CLOSED.

Here are the faces of angry boys who are denied their breakfast tacos:

If you know these guys, you might be thinking to yourself that something is wrong with this picture.  You would be correct:

If you weren't already privy, I'm dating Legs McGee.

The grumpy faces were short-lived though, as much to our delight, Kerbey Lane is ALWAYS open, and there was prime parking, impossible on Guadalupe.

The photo of my pancakes was taken immediately before I snapped the picture of what was Lennon's two stuffed tacos.  Hungry much?  Thank goodness for food, everyone went home happy.  Hooray!