Guest Post for Jonny Stranger of the Austin Film Society!

Jonny Stranger is the Austin Film Society instructor who comes to teach my kiddos how to do all types of fancy film making and utilize technology.  On Tuesday, he helped a girl start her very own fashion blog, and of course he couldn't get away without posing for a few shots as well.  I did his write up, and you can find it posted at his still shiny semi-new blog

Jonny Stranger is the name of a fellow Austinite, who, until now, has been well known as an actor, film maker, wrangler of crazy teenagers in after school programming, and oft-imitated by random non-skaters in Hollywood but never beat in a derby duel manager of the champion Hell Cats Roller Derby team. It is important to note the qualifier, "until now," as this post marks the debut of: Jonny Stranger, fashion icon.

If you don't have your pencils sharpened to take notes on what the artistic Austin elite are wearing, then you best reach for a pen. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Jonny is found on the campus of a St. John's neighborhood high school toting a mac book and camera tripod as students trail behind him filming scenes ranging from strangulation to claymation. (Oh yeah! Jonny also writes - he was featured in the Austin Film Society's magazine P.O.V. for an article about Prometheus and the art of claymation).

And since I'm writing this and he's not, can I mention that his You Tube channel has over 300 subscribers and if you aren't one of them then you're missing out? And Jonny, if you cut any part of my guest post out, I know where you work, fair warning.

Moving along - Jonny took a moment of quiet (a very rare moment in a high school) to provide me with a few notes about his ensemble for the day:

Pants: black Rustler jeans, a gift from Brother Stranger
T-shirt: Austin Film Society, free from work, and it rocks because I have a matching one
Undershirt: jail-bird/mime/film noir black and white striped t-shirt from Secret October
Shoes: black Vans with rare black rubber sole, a gift from dad and Barbara
Beret: black, 100% wool, made in India from Banana Bay Trading Co.
Overshirt: Cowboy Wrangler shirt, from Flashback sale rack

I'm feeling inspired to wear my AFS shirt now...