A Hard Year for Texas and Non-Profits

For the Texas vs. Alabama National Football Championship, two great things happened.  First, I went to a watch party with Lennon and some of our friends at their cozy apartment, and second, I completed a first for my life, in that I actually watched the whole game.  I didn't even do that when I physically went to Razorback games.  Even though I was born in Alabama, I chose Texas as my home so I sported the closest things I had to burnt sienna.  I even bought cheddar Sun Chips in the orange bag (the realization came post-purchase), and of course had my Ziegenbock six pack, available only in Texas.  In searching that link, I just read some hater reviews comparing Shiner to Ziegenbock, and while I love Shiner, Ziegenbock is a dollar cheaper!  Times are tough, as reading on will prove.

Orange sweatshirt: J. Crew
Collared shirt: Gap
Lace tank top: White House Black Market
Barely visible star necklace: Street vendor on Lover's Lane in Izmir, Turkey
Bracelet: Elle, a boutique no longer in existence (tear! The owners were family friends) from Little Rock
Jeans: Sevens from Buffalo Exchange
Orange shoes: from Dillards

Can I mention it was 30 degrees outside at that moment?  Lennon was wearing a wool pea coat while snapping these pictures and complaining of being cold.  Thin-skinned Dallas-ite!

As I mentioned "times are tough" earlier, I want to share a snippet of my work with everyone today:

The non-profit I work for, (I've probably already given my place of employment away, whatever), has an annual event called Season of Caring, where money, clothes, everything a person could need, are donated to a deserving family in the Austin area.  It's been a rough year financially for us, and for everyone, but luckily people are still kind enough to give.

Sometimes people's hearts are in the right place, but their actions make me giggle.  Example above: This "anonymous contribution" came in the mail to the main office with the note on the side: "research value."  Inside were these stamps.  A few of them are still usable, the rest are canceled.  Grand net worth: $2.30

Maybe I'm mistaken?  Anyone know if I rescued a fortune from the office's trash can?  Anyone in desperate need of these particular year-old stamps and willing to "pay" for them in order to make a contribution to a national non-profit that helps kids?  ....worth a shot.

So, a tough year for Texas all around.  Although, I think that Gilbert kid is going to be stellar.  What a showing for a freshman on one of his first runs off the bench!  Too bad half of his team had butter fingers last night.  Either way, it doesn't affect me too much, because we all know where my heart lies: