How To Have an Awesome Morning: Eat Awesome Food

Not long ago I made a recipe called Italian Eggs and Polenta.  Making the polenta from scratch, I doubled the recipe and set some aside in the fridge for later.  That later came in the mornings that followed for the remainder of the week, because I made super delicious Mexican Breakfast Eggs and Polenta!

This is the container I refrigerated.  It's sort of like cold cornbread before heating it up.  

I don't feed the boys for breakfast - one egg just for me.  And maybe I'm crazy, but I think the eggs are adorable in this little egg fry ring.  I got this yellow one in a four pack from Williams-Sonoma, but sadly I lost the pink one in a move :(

These things were supposedly non-stick, but I find if I don't spray them down prior to cooking, then I have to dig the egg off the edges. 

I also made salsa from scratch the other day.  While it wasn't the best thing I've ever made, it was still pretty darn good and great for use in dousing my polenta.  I have my low fat plain yogurt that doubles as sour cream at the ready.

Hello Heaven: thy name is egg yolk, salsa, cream, (yogurt), cornmeal, and cheese.

Mexican eggs, grapefruit, and tea.  This was indeed an awesome morning.  Having just failed miserably at making rice for my dinner (it's the simple things that I find the most difficult), I'm now salivating at the memory of this.  Oh, and picking crunchy rice from my teeth... lovely.