Lunch Breaks, Toboggans, and Chocolate Stouts

Today I ran home from work for lunch and to snap some pictures of my outfit.  I'd spent the morning trying to rectify a computer server error on the membership database on my company laptop.  Huh?  Yeah, exactly.  And what a naughty professional I am - two of my tattoos are out for the world to see!

My male roommates have become increasingly curious about the world of fashion blogging, and while they won't admit it, have demonstrated their curiosity by participating in my photo shoots recently.  Eirik contributed this lovely, woolly toboggan hat.  He has quite the hat collection.

It's convenient to take photos on a whim when both of my roommates work from home, (unless you discount when Eirik is traveling for a performance.)

Hat: Eirik's
Jacket: BB Dakota, on sale at this wonderful boutique in Little Rock, Beyond Cotton
T-shirt: Target
Tank top: Target (and it matches my blog background!)
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (my present to myself when I graduated with my masters)
Flats: Target (ok, I see the pattern)
Necklace: Ten Thousand Villages, Little Rock (but there's one in Austin)

Tonight was my third night in a row at the Flying Saucer.  The doorman recognized me - time for a venue change!  I went Monday during the day for wireless internet to complete a report because my windowless office is less than welcoming, then Tuesday night because Lennon confused his days of the week, since we were actually invited out Wednesday, (but that's ok, we stayed for trivia and JB and Lauren joined us), which meant we were here, again, and these two beers were mine.  Goodness.  I got to take the glass on the left home since it was brewery night.  You know I love my glassware!

Continuing my record, here are the beers I sampled this evening:

1) Two Below by New Belgium (draught), which was the fire sale, and comes from an awesome wind powered brewery in Colorado that I want to visit
2) Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout (draught) - it didn't taste like oatmeal, but for being scared of stouts because I hate Guiness, this was delicious

3) Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, the brewery night special (which they didn't give me credit for on my record and needs to be fixed - I'm at six not five!)

Two stouts & an ale in one night + lettuce for dinner = Lennon drives home, and I can't do a blog post till late.  So tired!