This Is The Face of Wet Pants

Here I am modeling two things: the bird necklace I am giving away to a special and lucky (I certainly think) reader on Tuesday, as well as what it feels like to have wet pant legs after tromping around in the rain all day wearing flimsy flats.  I really need to wake up early enough to get my picture taken before work.  As soon as this was taken I ran upstairs and changed into sweat pants.... and then Bella whined about needing to go out.  /facepalm

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
T-Shirt: Moteph
Grey Cardigan: Ciceco
White Tank Top: Target
Copper Flats: Target
Birdie Necklace: from SoLa, win its twin from me!

Tomorrow Girls Rock Camp comes to table at my school during lunch to recruit some girls for their program, which we'll be offering twice a week.  I'm so excited!!  Also nervous, motivating girls to do programs at our school is incredibly difficult, but try our best we shall.  Sorry, Yoda moment.