Three Quick, Semi-Random Thoughts

1) I had the solution to skirts on bicycles under my nose / in my banner the entire time!  When clothes are a problem, just don't wear them!

2) Amy sent me another award - she is an awesome blogger and photographer, and I may have to make my own award to send her way to let her know!  I'll have to work on my techy graphics skills.

Thank you!!

3) I had the best day in at my after-school program today, and I have to brag and share a few pictures I took with my iphone:

We started a knitting class which swelled (mostly with boys!) after this picture was taken

Girls Rock Camp had their second day and ten super excited young ladies

We started our boys mentoring group: "G's to Gents."  I don't know what these hand signs are, but hence the name... plus they were way excited about the "passports" they got!