Thrifting at Savers, Austin, for the Perfect Place Settings

I love pretty table settings, and watching Julie & Julia over and over has only added to my desire for an open air dinner lit by fairy lights, candles, and the reflections off colored glassware.  My Austin apartment might not be conducive to dining al fresco, but it doesn't have to hinder my search for pretty tableware.  The thing that does hinder it, though, are two male roommates who have already broken several pint glasses and a few pieces of my beloved Fiestaware.  Sigh.

I've been reading blogs, though, that focus on thrifty shopping and yard sales.  Indiana at Adored Austin frequently mentions her love of Savers for clothes, and living nearby the North Austin store, I decided to swing by and make my own assessments.  When I got in, I was too distracted to even notice the clothes, because look at what I found!

First, there were these blue glass tumblers that look exactly like the green ones my Ma Maw Mary from Pine Bluff, Arkansas had in her cupboards when I was little.  With the casualties of my Bed, Bath & Beyond pint glasses in mind, I didn't feel bad picking up the lot of six, especially after I saw the price...

.99 cents!  That's right up my alley.  It's especially sweet when I do a little internet searching and find this:

Anthropologie has similar blue tumblers for sale at a not-so-bargain price of $10.00  a piece.  Purchase satisfaction increased ten fold!

I was also drawn to these cute dessert cups.  They'd be perfect for holding soft boiled eggs, candy, decorations, ice cream, or...

berries and cream (yogurt for me), just like this similar dessert cup from Crate and Barrel.  I could pay $25.00 for a set of twelve from them, or I can be happy with the price I paid:

.99 cents a piece again.  I got six and could still afford to buy myself dinner out.

The last thing I found may need a little work:

I've seen several blogs post craft ideas for silver serving trays, mostly to turn them into chalk board wall decor, like at Bless Our Nest.  I'll have to hold on to this and report back once I decide what to do with it, but for this price:

I couldn't just leave it sitting there.  So, for a grand total of $15 and pocket change, I got all of the following:

I think I may have caught the thrift bug beyond just the clothes rack.  This is potentially dangerous and potentially wonderful.  Right now, the wonderful outweighs any potential risk.