The Trouble With Time & Setting Schedules

Now that the holidays are over, the hard part of keeping New Years Resolutions comes into play.  I'm going to post three versions of my schedule, and see if I can figure a way to rectify them in to a desirable, productive, healthy routine:

Typical Schedule One, Pre-Holiday:

10:00am: wake-up, breakfast (unless I had a 9AM meeting).
11:00am: shower, dig through laundry I never fold to find matching socks, mascara.
12:00pm - 8pm: work.
8:00pm: home, grump at my work-from-home roommates if they made a mess, read books or the interwebz for 1 -2 hours.
9/10pm - 2am: any combination of the following - blogging, movie, guitar, board games, or cobbled together dinner because it's "too late to cook."

Schedule Two, Holiday:

11:00am: wake-up, turn on computer for the blog-o-sphere and NY Times.
2:00pm: shower
4:00pm: go out in the world.
8:00pm: cook dinner
9/10pm - 3am: any combination of the following - blogging, movie, board games, and possibly Walgreens runs for chips and salsa.

Schedule Three, in which I incorporate all of the things I resolve to do:

7:00am: wake-up, run.
8:00am: shower, breakfast.
 9:00am- 10am: google reader
10:00am - 11:00am: read an actual book
11:30am: pack incredibly healthy lunch
12:00pm - 8:00pm: work
8:30pm: cook healthy dinner with pre-planned and pre-bought ingredients.
9:30pm: blog for next day
10:30pm: movie, guitar, board games or working on my brand new UFO club membership.
11:30pm: work on other writing projects
12:30am: sleep.

Aside from the fact that at least twice a week I have meetings in the morning, the real problem with following this ideal schedule is the amount of time I enjoy spending in bed.  It also doesn't help that I do not transition well from one task to the next.  Ask Lennon how long it takes me to get out of the car after we pull up anywhere.  So perhaps the only two resolutions I need are the following:

1) Don't sleep so much.
2) Don't waste time between one task and the next.  I'm looking at you, Facebook!

Way easier said than done!  I'd be very open to taking advice on how to motivate myself out of bed in the morning, and how to shuffle myself quicker between projects.  My inability to transition is one of the reasons I'm a less than punctual person - which is terrible professionally, (my friends hate it too). 

I also plan to stop wearing jeans and t-shirts to work - I probably look like one of the kids!  This skirt is my favorite of all time - elastic waist, so I never feel fat, and swirly. 

Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tank top: Wal-Mart
Apple locket necklace: Francesca's (can you tell I loved being a teacher?  Just not waking up!)
Brooch: my grandmother's
Mary Janes: Nurture from Dillards

What I really need is one of these:

Last challenge to worry about: how to ride my mountain bike more when resolved to wear skirts!?