Two New Awards + My Upcoming Birthday: SQUEAL!

Awards really do make me squeal, in the same way I gave a little squeal whenever I found out a boy I had a crush on liked me back.  Blogging is sort of like that.  Being liked makes me happy.  But on the flip side of real life, being unliked doesn't make me too terribly unhappy.  Because hey man, it's the interwebz, and serious business it is not.  Now back to business.

On the night I wore this, I was supposed to go dancing and was so disappointed when plans changed.  We ended up at the Dog and Duck Pub, though, and that is never disappointing.  Especially when the bar tender recognizes you and knows you're from Arkansas.  That's awesome.  

Dress as shirt: from SoLa during their 50% off sale
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Joes Jeans, with stars on the butt, (this is important)
Shoes: from Dillards

Now on to share the award buttons I am still dancing around from getting.  The first is from Sam, and I could not be more honored to have this title:

Sweet action!
This certainly needs to be passed along to Erica of Alabaster Cow.

The second is from Joann of Sidewalk Chalk, and this one comes from a few stipulations: list seven random things about myself.

So here it goes:

  1. I am so sleepy right this moment I can hardly keep my eyes open, let alone think.
  2. Lennon and I fight a lot.  Yes, I totally just aired that out in public.  I still love him.  We are both stubborn and have completely opposite value systems in regards to vocabulary, and we moved in together way too quickly and haphazardly.  Oh well.
  3. I have terrible stage fright.  I don't like when any group of people are looking at me - I have no idea how I was a teacher for three years.  I'm supposed to perform at a guitar recital on Monday.  I'll probably bail, (evidence of the necessity of this action to follow).
  4. The only meat product I miss is pulled pork BBQ sandwiches.  But I will never, ever eat pig again.  If I ever consider it, I'll visit a slaughter house.
  5. I have dreams of growing all of my own food, abandoning neighbors, and living like a lux dirt hippie, (can I claim coining that phrase?).  I like hot water and a Clorox-scrubbed clean house too much to go totally natural.  I also don't like breaking my nails, but guitar playing does that plenty for me.
  6. The anxiety of not being good enough - at writing, as a girlfriend, at my job, to get into a PhD program, at life - is petrifying at times.  But I can't even define "good enough" if I try.  Maybe I'm just neurotic in general.  That's really what it is.  And possibly why I have debilitating stage fright.
  7. My birthday is Saturday after next.  I'll be 26.  I really really want a red wigglers worm composting kit.  Like really.   
 And without doubt, this award is going to the following: Amy of Ha Ha Wait What, Grant of Austin Carnivore (hehe :), Courtney of Pastry Covered Awesome, and Sara-Jane.