Vanna Black & The Frontera Fest Haiku Death Match

My roommate Eirik is a big part of the Austin slam poetry scene, and he and a few of his friends wrote this very funny skit for Frontera Fest at the Hyde Park Community Theatre called "Haiku Death Match."  Frontera Fest is going on through February 13th, so hop on over to see some incredibly talented Austinites!  Every Saturday is Best of the Week, leading up to Best of Fest, February 10-14th.

He needed a girl to play a "Vanna White-esque" character who would present each poet when the audience clapped to determine the winner of each haiku face off.  The first performance was on Friday night, and it did so well that the skit made Best of the Week!  This meant we got to be on stage again Saturday night, so I put a little more effort into my "Vanna Black" (I actually don't own a black dress) outfit than I did the night before.  I wore my special skull and crossbones of death necklace since the losers of the skit had to off themselves via invisible samurai sword. 

Dress: Susana Monaco
Heels: Carlos
Jolly Roger necklace: Accessory City
Lame Ponytail: Someone please teach me to do hair!

Round back of the Hyde Park Theatre on Friday night, pouring rain leaking on all of us - Tony Jackson, Lennon, and me - crouching forward because there is a gas heater right next to Tony!

In other weekend news - we are officially a green couple!  Or at least Lennon is green - he sold his car and bought a bike.  Having three bikes in the apartment merited a creative solution to lack of floor space - Lennon bought these ceiling hooks from Home Depot for less than a dollar each and screwed them into studs.  No more bikes on the floor.

My mountain bike has the word "bontrager" on part of the frame, and I always read it as "bone crusher," so we've decided that's my bike's official name.  Lennon is still taking suggestions on names for his shiny new racing bike.  He coasts when I have to peddle.  Lazy.