Why I Will Not Play Antones

How did February 1st sneak up to be right around the corner?  Little buggar.  I was none-to-pleased to find this email in my in box today from my teacher (who is awesome even though I'm not - it was a beginner class, cut me some slack!):

"hey pretty ladies! I'm super pumped about the big show monday night; here are some things to know:

y'all need to be there by 6:30, por favor.  doors aren't officially open until 7, so unfortunately husbands, friends, adoring fans, etc. can't come in until at least 7 so if you ride together you may have to kick them over to lavaca street for a pre-show drink. or make them wait in the car.

I made up a fancy facebook invite:


if you click on "invite people to come" under the logo all your friends will pop up.  if you click "share" it will post it to your profile.  part of the fun of playing at a kickass place like antone's is the enormous pressure to fill the ding dang place up... [etc] ...also we'll be followed by guilty pleasures, a really fun all-girl cover band.

let me  know what questions you have! you're all gonna rock and you're all very pretty!"

Fill the place up!?  No siree!  There are names for people like me:

1) She-who-needs-more-practice
2) Shake-n-Bake.  (This is why I don't read at poetry slams).

What do you do when you're scared of something, especially crowds?  I have prescription anti-anxiety medicine.  Seriously.  I used it on the few occasions I slammed/competed last year.  But that's probably not the best solution.

Oh faceless internet anonymity, how I love you in terms of being way too personal.  (Sometimes.)