Anatomical Hearts: Obligatory Valentines Day Post

I flash around my favorite tattoo like some people do diamond rings:


I've probably posted this picture at least four times before today. But did I mention I love this tattoo?  It's recreated from this Frida Kahlo painting, and in honor of Valentines Day, it only seems fitting to find ways to accessorize it.  Or, ways for someone to tell their honey that they've stolen their heart, (ambiguous pronouns - my fav!).  

First, learn how to make your own heart card at Cheeky Magpie.  You can decorate it with bling, deliver a stern message that resembles a restraining order, or tack it on your wall because it's nifty. 


Continuing the theme of interactive anatomy, there is this heart locket that opens and closes, but probably won't hold a picture, unless you want it crinkled.  

Heart or no heart, I really want one of these Earth friendly coffee cup cozies.  Sadly, I'm not crafty enough to make it myself. 

Lennon wants a messenger bag to go with his new bike... I wonder how he'd feel about this.

If I was in medical school I would use this ring to cheat. 

And since it's Valentines, I have to include a "you hold the key to my heart" necklace.  I'm just wondering when Kay will adopt the design, start encrusting it with diamond chips and selling it?

To accompany this Valentines post, I decided to include my personal soundtrack for every potential VD setting:

Scenario One: Forget Valentines Day, singledom is superior. 

Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You In The End

Scenario Two: Valentines Could Have Rocked But You Ruined It I Hate You

Brand New: Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't

Scenario Three: Broken Hearted and Nostalgic

Jack Penate: Pull My Heart Away

Scenario Four: I love you, I love you, I love you

City and Colour: The Girl

Have a happy Valentines, Sunday, however you prefer to look at it :)
I'm going to Dallas and hope to take Indiana's advice and stop here to check it out.  How are you spending the weekend?